Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Let me paint the picture for you. The boy, the girl and I are sitting in an exam room waiting for the doctor to grace us with his presence. In this room which is on the 4th floor is a huge window looking out over everything. Just looking out makes my knees wobble a little realizing how high we are. The girl looks out and says "Mom, if I went out on that ledge right there I'd grab on and pull myself inside as quick as I can." The boy pipes up with "not me! I'd get my backpack parachute and jump out and parachute down, you think I'd get caught in the trees?" REALLY? How different can two kids be!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Test

The girl and I had a very bonding and heart breaking experience this past weekend. As a parent we know our kids are going to get their feelings hurt. We can never prepare ourselves for these moments, the look in our child's eyes and how it cuts us to the core.

The girl, the boy and I went to a birthday party this past weekend. We went to an indoor water park type of place. The problem came when the girl wanted to ride the water slide. Height wise she came to the bottom of the "acceptable" line. We both figured, top or bottom, either worked. Knowing that I couldn't go with her since I had to keep my eye on the little guy she went up the stairs all by herself to go on the slide, this was a big accomplishment in itself. The next thing I know she was back down the steps in tears. They had sent her back saying she was too short and had to pass the swim test. I walked her back up to try and figure things out but they told me the same thing. The girl was very hurt but she stuck her chin up and wanted me to find out how and where to take the test, she knew she could pass it. My heart felt like it had vice grips on it and someone was tightening them.

I did find out what to do and we were off. She had to swim the length of the pool w/0 stopping and tread water for 30 seconds. I'll tell you now, she's never done either of those things. Well, she hopped right in and began swimming. She got half way and her eyes began to tear up, the look of determination was killing me. I yelled, "you can do it, get mad!" she kept on swimming. She got 3 feet from the wall and couldn't go any further, she had to stop. She stopped, took a breath then finished. The lifeguards told me she hadn't passed. I had to break the news to her. Her poor little body was already shaking from being tired, now a fresh shaking began as the tears flowed down her cheeks. A burning sensation began in my stomach and tore my heart apart. Hadn't they seen how hard she had just worked? Knowing full well that it was a safety thing but not caring I gathered my crying little girl up and hissed "I hate this place" as I walked away with her. I wanted to yell so much more but that wouldn't have helped.

We went back to the side where the party was and she just sat in my lap saying she was a loser and too short to do fun things. I held her and told her how proud I was that she had tried and not given up. My heart hurt so much I thought I was going to be sick.

After a while the girl decided to go and play with everyone else which made me happy for her. As she walked off she did tell me that she was never going to come back here again. One more stab in the heart for Mommy.

Today, 2 days later, I watched my little girl at our own pool. She was practicing swimming the length of the pool.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

T-Ball Ladies

The kids and I had lunch today with a group of moms and kids that we met at the boy's t-ball games. I think all these moms, me included, couldn't wait to get out and enjoy adult conversation. The kids were more than excited to see some of their friends again as well. We went to one of the moms houses which was beautiful. The best part was there was a basement for all the kids to play in. By all the kids you should know that there were 8 kids. Can you imagine 8 kids running around while 4 moms are trying to have a conversation? As I mentioned there's a basement, so it really was very nice.

I think it was nice for all of us to see our kids play nicely together, and hit each other....wait sound funny? Na, as a mom it's nice to know that it's not just your kid that gets in trouble, is to rough with other kids or just plain pushy.

Our conversations went from the normal mom topics of "is your kids looking forward to school next year?" To not so everyday topics such as "why do boys always have their hands down their pants?" Between those interesting conversations kids would pop up with a notice of who was hitting whom, such as "the white boy in the orange shirt just hit me." Yes jaws dropped and we all burst into giggles which we could not contain each time a new kid came up.

We would do an occasional basement check and a warning was sent down to the basement from a child upstairs "a parent is coming!" That should probably make us wonder but hey, there were no tears and no blood so we looked, deemed all well and went back to our happy world of adult conversation.

The kids were happy, the moms were happy and in the end who could ask for a better few hours?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mother of the year hits again!

I don't think I really knew what I was getting myself into when I signed up for this stay at home mom gig. After today I many have to rethink the terms of this agreement.

I mowed the lawn, weed wacked and trimmed trees. The tree trimming was the most difficult part of the task but since the kids were home I labor! I trimmed 5 trees and the kids were tasked with the job of carrying the limbs around to the driveway and helping me bundle them. By the time we got to this task it was 11am and hot, but it had to get done! I "encouraged" them by letting them know that if they did this job w/o fighting me we'd go to the pool. That definitely sped them up. The girl began singing a pool song she made up and the boy was picking up tree limbs by the hand full instead of one at a time.

Once that task was done we went inside to get ready for the pool. They ate some food, got swimsuits on and got sunblock on. We got snacks ready, towels ready and all in a positive fashion (bribery works). We were all ready except one thing, I couldn't find the pool passes (mother of the year). The kids helped me look high and low. Okay they followed me around while I looked high and low moaning about how we'd never be able to go. The girl went so far as to say "we're doomed!" To get them off my tail, and my nerves, I decided to have them pick up the house a bit while I continued to look. That didn't go over very well. At long last I found the passes and we were off. It was a busy, but in the end, fun day.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Birthday Party

The boy had a birthday party to go to today. We all know how hectic these can be, a dozen 5-6 year olds running around and often times their toddling siblings right underfoot. Fun times!

Well this party was different. It was a party for a team mate of the boys from t-ball and it was at a bounce house. Since I knew most of the moms it was much less stressful for me than some of the usual parties. It was no stress at all for the boy. He found the birthday boy and a few other teammates and ran like crazy. He laughed, jumped, and ran around the place like only a little kid can do. I on the other hand sat with my back to the room and chatted with the other moms. Yes, my back to the room was the only way I could sit so that I could join in on the conversation, so I did! These moms are great, we always have a nice time together. The boy did great on his own, well he did come and ask me if his tooth was cracked at one point but there were no tears and no crack so off he went again.

Sitting with these women and discussing our families is a laugh in itself. It's refreshing to know that my girl is not the only one that is "pmsing" at the young age of 7 (and all the years before that). It's also good to know that there is no "normal" family, we're all crazy in our own ways. Maybe we're all crazy so we can share our stories and make the others have a good laugh!

Well here's to many more birthday parties like this one. At least a good dinner out with my new found lady friends!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


The girl was picked as one of 3 girls on her softball team to participate in an all-star game today at the league picnic. She was very excited and proud, until we got there. She walked up and saw all these other girls that she didn't know and became very nervous! Anyhow, after her first time in the outfield she tried to run off to me. Did I mention she was nervous? I just wanted to scoop her up and tell her it was going to be fine. I however did the right mom thing and told her to hurry up and get with her team!

It's amazing to me how my little girl can walk up to any adult and have a conversation but a dugout full of new peers scared the heck out of her. It helped a little that one of the girls had been on her team before. It also helped that Daddy offered ice cream if she kept playing and added a smile! She did a great job despite the nerves. She went 2 for 2, for all us less knowledgeable people out there that means she went up to bat twice and hit it both times In the end she opted for her first Slurpee and had a great time. I am very proud of my angel!

Monday, June 13, 2011


I sat in the front seat of my car listening to my kids talking and playing as we drove home from a friends house. Just as I was about to zone out of their conversations and into my own thoughts my daughter yells, "mommy turn the radio up, I love this song!" I happened to be scanning the stations and it was paused, at that particular moment, on 99.5 not a station I thought I'd let my kids listen to. It amazed me that she knew most of the words. It seemed such a teenage song and there my little 7year old is, singing most of the words and all of the tune. I did realize she didn't know what she was saying, thank goodness, but still. When did she grow up so fast?

Friday, June 10, 2011


As I sit here this morning trying to drink one cup of coffee the children sit nicely at the kitchen table eating their breakfast. Ha, wake up! The morning started off so well with giggles and tickles and playing games, then I had to get them going. Now I sit here listening while the girl tries to teach the boy addition. He's doing so great with anything he can add on his fingers but no she can't stick to that. I hear, "what's 300+300?" and a frustrated little boy yells, "I don't know the hard ones yet sister!" He's so desperate for her to play and talk with him that he puts up with it as long as he can. She wants to prove how smart she is, "mom it's easy, if 3+3=6 then 300+300=600, it's easy see!" The boy looks down with a sad look on his face. The girl crosses her arms and refuses to do the "easy" math with her brother.

It's frustrating to know that they get along so well when I'm not around. I love to watch them from a window as they play so nicely outside just the two of them, or to listen in as they play a game in the basement or in another room just the two of them. As soon as they hear my voice or see me it's all out the window. The bickering begins and gets worse the more I'm around. I guess I'm leading them in the right direction if they get along with out me around, right? They just test the boundaries with me and make sure I"m going to stick with what I say. You'd think they'd know that by now, I win.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


We went up to NJ this weekend and I found out that I have more followers than I realized. Please feel free to leave comments to anything you read!

We got home from NJ and were very tired. By we I mean me since everyone else took a nice nap on the way. It's okay though because I got to nap when we got home. After my much needed nap we went as a family out to the garden to pull weeds. To say this was not a task the kids wanted to partake in is an understatement. They found many ways to get up, down and in and out of the garden. They did pull weeds, or in the boy's case leaves. We were all relieved once the garden was done and ready for some water.

Once inside the girl looked at me with her big brown eyes and asked me to play dolls. I don't play dolls. I lost my imagination a long time ago. When watching the kids play I often wish I could play with them but....I can't make dolls talk! Anyhow, I gave in. She was being so sweet that I had to play dolls. This lasted for about 5 mins. before I had the great idea to have her help make mac n' cheese for dinner. She was soooo excited that she grabbed her apron and got to work. We made two pots since there are 4 of us. The girl made one and I made one, using the same ingredients and directions, it's boxed mac n' cheese for goodness sake! She was in total princess mode, which means she did everything she was asked and more!

During dinner the girl looked at me and asked if she could try my mac n' cheese. She took a bite and furrowed her blond little brow together. She gave me a half grin mixed with a worried expression. "Mom," she said "I don't want to tell you this, but, ummmm, mine is better. I hope this doesn't hurt your feelings." Gotta love that honesty! The words coming out of her mouth combined with the very cute expression on her face made me want to laugh and tear up. I told her that my feelings were not hurt, tasted a bite of hers and agreed that indeed hers was better. Daddy chimed in that she would have to be our mac n' cheese maker from now on!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I love them!

We all love our children. I should leave the post at that but you'll be wondering what's going on....maybe. :) My children are wonderful...and awful at the same time. They can try my nerves all day with their questions, talking, screaming and disobeying. At the last minute they turn their big eyes on me, throw their little arms around me and hug....and squeeze...and giggle in my ear. What is a person to make of that? I don't think my body can take all the emotion that two little ones put me through. I guess we're made that way though, to forget the bad and remember the good. If we (mothers) weren't, then we'd have one kid, remember child birth and be done! Nope, not us, we usually want more, forgetting all the pain we were in and continue to be in forever...just ask my mom! Anyhow, I've always wanted kids, I have them and now I'm on an emotional roller coaster for the rest of my life. Good or bad....I'm in! Thank God for my friends and family to remind me why I had these little ones when they scream and for being there to listen to the stories of how wonderful my kids are!