Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

6:45am and the day has begun. There was a strict warning before bed that I will be listened to the first time I say something, you know, cuz it's my Birthday in the morning. Why I have to ask for this is beyond me but....it doesn't last long. The boy gives me a long hug before realizing it's my birthday and throws in an extra squeeze. Then I have to convince him to get dressed. That's right, he's 5 and wants to stay in his jammies all day long, not conducive to my going out to lunch and dinner plans! The girl comes down with a dismal look on her face, finds out I'm going to go walking today and runs back up to her room in tears. Later I finally coax her out of her room with the promise that I will exercise over the summer too when she can join me. Breakfast finally begins and neither child wants to eat, is it my fault that I really don't feel like fighting that fight this morning? I actually made coffee and opened the computer before school. I give in, 5 more bites then you're done. Still trying to drink my coffee (luke warm by now) the boy is getting his nebulizer. He tries to talk to me while this loud machine is on his face and I have no idea what he's saying so I smile and say "stop talking!" It's amazing how quiet it gets when the machine finally gets turned off, (just kidding) the kid doesn't stop talking and neither do I..."Girl, did you brush your teeth? Please stop chasing your brother. Boy get your other inhaler, okay now go brush your teeth. No, really, go brush your teeth!" And my day has begun....I have to say, no tears so far, well not that many at least. More smiles than most and man they're looking forward to going out to dinner. What a Birthday morning! Can't wait to see what the rest of the day holds! BTW- it's only 7:33am!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The all seeing

I was standing in the kitchen packing lunch for the girl this morning. I told the boy that he needed to go and brush his teeth. Out of the corner of my eye I see the boy running in the opposite direction from which I just sent him. He, however couldn't see me. I yelled out, "Boy get out of living room and get up those stairs and brush your teeth." In a great amount of wonder the boy yells out "Mommy, how can you see me?" I tell him that I'm a mom and I can see everything! The boy responds in great amazement, "you can? Can you see all the way to Nonna and Pop's house in NJ?" I had to give into this one. "No hunny, I can only see everything that you and your sister do." With that thought running through his brain he ran up the stairs and brushed his teeth..."a little longer" I yell.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dear God

6:15 am

Dear God,

Please let it rain. It's supposed to rain today, right now would be perfect. I know we have a softball game at 9am, meaning we have to be there by 8:30am...rain would be great.


God??? Rain??? I don't really want to get out of bed and neither does the girl.


Fine, no rain, mist, clouds and cold,we're on our way.


T-Ball game at 3pm and I'm not ready to get up from my nap. Wait...they boy is dressed and trying to get everyone up. He's soooo cute but still, rain would be nice.

Fine, more mist, clouds and cold. We're on our way. If you see it fit to send rain as we drive I could always go back to napping :)


Rain! Where have you been! I've conquered my busy day. Softball, T-Ball, bath and bed....NOW it rains? Really?

8:20 pm

Please God, no thunder???? Please...we'll see how well this one works!

Friday, May 13, 2011

The parties!

How is it that two children can be raised in the same household and be so different?

The boy went to his birthday party all smiles and joy. He enjoyed every second of the party and babbled all the way home about playing with his goodie bag and sharing it with his sister.

The girl went to her party, had a great time and drug her feet all the way home. She didn't want to leave so she got ticked. She got home and didn't want to share anything with her brother and tried to downplay what he got. She came home with the wrong party favor and threw a temper tantrum when she found out. Not only that she screamed because I wouldn't get her favor until tomorrow. She decided to throw in a few words about how I'm a bad mommy.

It can be fun being a mom but so stressful too.

what to do?

Picture it, it's a birthday party and all the kids are eating pizza. It's time for cake but the boy's not done with his slice. Knowing full well he can't have cake till he's done what happens next? The 1/2 slice slips to the floor....hmmmmm??? Tears begin to flow. Mommy has to decide more pizza or just go right for the cake...luckily the boy is not really that devious, so he moves right on to the cake and the smile returns to his face.