Monday, August 5, 2013

American Girl store part II

It was a success!  I've never seen the girls eyes light up so bright and so big!  It was a day full of "yes!" for me and fun for her!

She was adorable carrying both of her American Girl Dolls into the store.  She had gift cards and she knew the amount they were worth so she tried to keep count of how much she was spending.  I was proud of how responsible she was trying to be.  We walked all over the store several times! :)

Once she had picked many things out we went to the register to check out before lunch.  The total rang up more than her gift cards were worth.  She looked at me with her big eyes and whispered, "mommy we don't have that much."  Another swell of pride for her keeping track and being aware!  I told her that Daddy and I wanted to get the rest for her.  I think she may have jumped out of her skin.  She couldn't have said thank you or any better!  I got soooooo much love!

While waiting for lunch the girl changed her dolls into their new outfits!  Trying to get those shoes on was difficult to say the least (he he).

Lunch was wonderful and pink!  Everything was pink.  The food was yummy and they had these wonderful conversation starters that we used and laughed through.  I loved saying yes and I loved her beautiful smile.

We got home and she got to relive the whole thing for Daddy there was one phrase that stuck in my head, "Daddy, it was like a Wonderland for Girls!"

I love my girl!

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