Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chuck E. Cheese

A birthday in a child's life is crazy.  The kiddo is happy to have a party, gifts and cake while the parents often dread the party, gifts and well lets face it the cake's not too bad!  The boy decided on Chuck E. Cheeses for his 6th birthday party location.  Don't judge me, I too said I would have home parties as long as possible.  Once we started splitting up the kid party and the family party, I said enough!  So we let Chuck E. take this one.  The games were great, the pizza was....pizza, the staff was wonderful.  I would definatly go back there again for a party. 

Now we get to the real reason for this blog.  Have you ever tried leaving Chuck E. Cheeses?  When it's time to go, the kids have used up all their tokens, are very tired and have fists full of tickets.  It's time to turn those tickets in for a prize!!!!  Oh crap!  My darling husband decides he's going to do me a favor and take all the gifts out to the car.  He waltzes off with a half grin and a shrug of his shoulders.  Where does that put me?  At the prize counter with 2 tired kids, a ton of prizes and not enough tickets for each kid to get what they want.  The boy chooses his prize first.  He had won 1000 tickets in the ticket booth for his birthday.  He decided on a nice sparkly ball.  The girl breaks down in tears, a "I want that too"  sob coming from her open mouth.  First the boy gives his remaining tickets to the girl but it's still not enough for another ball.  Of course there is nothing else she wants!  After 10 more minutes of me naming EVERY prize she can get (btw- Daddy is still "loading the car") the boy looks at the girl and slowly hands her the ball.  She lights up until I quickly say no.  Mean mommy hits again!  Luckily after another 5 minutes she finally picks a rainbow slinky to take home with us.  Our time at Chuck E. Cheese has come to a close, at least until the next party!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

6th Birthday

Okay true Mother of the Year moment...

On the eve the boys 6th birthday I went in to put him to bed. I snuggled in with him gave him a few tickles and pleaded with him NOT to turn 6. He laughed and tried to explain to me why he couldn't stay 5. I continued to plead with him and giggle. I finally told him that I'd be okay, he can turn 6 I'll just be a little sad. I loved him up and head out the door. As Daddy went in the boy burst into tears. A confused Daddy tried to figure out what happened. It turns out the boy is crying because he thinks he's made Mommy sad. I had to return to the room to try and calm him down. Guess he doesn't get joking yet....oops!

Monday, January 9, 2012

It snowed!

It snowed today and the kids were so excited about playing in it! They came home from school, suited up in their snow gear and headed out the door. In less than 1 minute the boy was back at the front door crying! The girl had decided to throw a snowball right at his face and it lodged between his cheek and his hood. He couldn't get it out and was freezing! Siblings are great fun!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to school

It's the first day back to school after the winter break.

The kids alarms didn't go off so into their rooms I go. I slowly wake each one with some warm words and some gentle shakes. I turn the lights on dim and walk back into my room to get myself ready.

10 minutes later I head back into their rooms only to find the little buggers still in bed! I turn the lights up all the way and repeat my attempt to arouse them. The boy hops out of bed, stomps over to where I stand in the doorway, crosses his arms and declares "my throat hurts!" He then returns his warm little PJ'd body to his bed and throws his covers back over his head. After several attempts I coerce him out of bed and into his clothes.

I go back to my room to finish up getting ready...the girl comes in, throws her arms around my waist and presses her warm check to my stomach and decides to carry on a conversation (her way of procrastination). I finally shoo her off to get ready.

The morning pretty much progresses like this, at a very slow pace.

It's finally time to get on the bus and head to school. As I watch them board, my arms ache to hold them and give them one last hug. They've been driving me nuts all week and now all I want is to have them with me. The crazyness that is parenthood!