Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Like or Like Like?

I was subbing in a 5th grade class last week.  I introduced myself as I normally do.  I like to tell the classes I'm in a little about myself.  I always lead off with my name and some information about my 2 kiddos.  Two girls in the class started to giggle so I asked them what was up.  One announced that her brother was in my daughter's class and he "liked" her.  The other little girl made a similar announcement on her brother's behalf.  I smiled and told them that was great, the girl can always use more friends!  They both giggled some more and said, "no, they don't like her, they like like her."  They really made it difficult to turn around!  I announced "the more friends the better!"  I then switched subjects pretty darn fast! 

She kissed him!

I had the pleasure of subbing in my kids school yesterday.  I was in Kindergarten which means I got to go to the playground at the same time the boy did.  He was waiting to go on the monkey bars and I was standing next to him, he leaned down and gave me a kiss.  I overheard a little girl from my class whisper to another little boy, "she just kissed him on the lips!"  I laughed out loud and then informed her that he was my little boy.  She looked confused for a minute then it hit her.  She then looked at me and asked, "is that why you kissed that little girl in the cafeteria?"  I tried to stifle my laughter as I said, "yes, she's my daughter."

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The storm

We have all laid in bed at one time or another watching the flashes of lightning and Mississippi...two Mississippi...and waiting, three Mississippi for that big clap of thunder.  It tells us how far away the storm is.  As a parent I no longer count for the storm, I count for the kids.  If I'm lucky enough to be awaken by a clap of thunder I begin my count, one Mississippi...two Mississippi...and listen...three Mississippi, for the patter of little feet, the timid voice next to my bed "Mommy the thunder scared me" and then the warm little body that climbs in as close as he or she can get just to feel secure.  I have to admit, it's one of my favorite mommy moments.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I picked the girl up from a playdate the other day.  She looked very worn down so once we got in the car I asked her what was up.  She looked me straight in the eye with a scowl on her pretty little face and informed me that her friend had "pissed her off."  After I tried to stifle my laughter I explain that she couldn't use that term.  She said with such energy "mom I don't care, she did!"  I have to admit that even though her choice of words were not exactly the best, I was glad she was able to express her feelings....right?