Friday, February 17, 2012

Love notes

I think of my kids many times during the day, mostly on my own and sometimes with help from them.  They leave little reminders of themselves all throughout the house to remind me how much they love me:
  • shoes on the steps for me to trip over
  • an un-rinsed bowl to scrub the cereal out of once they're off to school
  • a lunch left behind on the counter so I get to have one more visit while dropping it off at school
  • books left around the house for me to sit on 
  • clothes that are inside out for me to fix after the 2nd load of laundry
  • and oh so many more things...
I love my children so very much and everyday they leave there little "love notes" to remind me how much they love me.

Monday, February 6, 2012


On the way home from a friends birthday party the boy declares, "Mom why didn't you tell me to go potty, I've got to go now."  I must add to this story that we are only about 2 minutes from the party and it's raining outside.  I got really angry and told him it was his responsibility to go to the bathroom when he had to go.  The girl, who is sitting behind me, says "mommy, take a deep breath and count to 10, you'll feel much better."

We stop at a McDonald's, run in and out and are on our way in no time.  The boy has a sad face and says, "I'm sorry mom"  I felt horrible!  I told him it was okay.  The girl pipes up, "you feel better cuz you counted to 10 mom!"  Of course it would take a 7 year old with very little patience to teach me some!