Thursday, January 9, 2014

Growing up

The girl came to me today and asked to call a friend.  "Why" I asked.  She told me she just wanted to talk to this friend.  Next thing I know she's walking around the house talking to 3 friends.  When did 3 way calling come back?  And when did my daughter know how to do it?  

I sat back and watched as she laughed and I heard the occasional "really?"  "no!"

I wanted to quiz her, "who are you talking to?  Is it really that important?  You just saw them at school!"  but instead I sat, watched and listened.  She is growing up so fast.

Then her Dad and I asked if she wanted to help us give her brother his birthday gift and just as quickly  as my "tween"age girl had shown her face my little girl was back.  She hung up the phone with her 3 friends, delivered the gift and is now playing his video game with him.  

I'm currently upstairs while they play downstairs.  As long as they don't see or hear me they will play for hours...I find myself living for these moments.  I can still hear them talking and giggling through the door.  I'll take those happy moments for now.