Thursday, September 15, 2011

School pictures

Both kids had pictures today. As they got off the bus they boy ran to me and declared, "Mommy, I was so handsome they took 3 pictures of me. They only took 2 of everyone else!" As a Mommy I can say, he was darn handsome. As a former teacher I can say, he probably wouldn't sit still! I won't tell him that last hypothesis though. :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School

Well today was the first day of school for my kids. The boy started Kindergarten and the girl started second grade. That will leave me home...alone...sounds good huh? Maybe in a few weeks but not yet!

When heading off to bed last night the girl declared, "Mommy I'll never be able to sleep I'm so excited!" The boy was another story, he informed me that he was "just a little scared." I sat with each of them and told them that it would be a super fun day and yes, sleep would come.

I set their alarms to wake them at 7am (not needed). They were both up and running between each others rooms by 6:45am. For good measure they felt the need to run into my room and wake me from what little sleep I got trying to ignore my nerves as well.

They took no time at all to get dressed, make their beds and head downstairs for breakfast. There was a little snag in the girls outfit, her pants were too big, but we got that worked out. It was an excitement filled morning.

We headed to the bus stop in the rain at 8:45am. We actually drove so that daddy and I could follow the bus and get pictures of the kiddos getting off the bus at school. As we stood at the bus stop I could see the nerves slowly creep into the boys face. I didn't say anything, not wanting him to think about it too much. The bus came and I walked the boy and the girl over to it. I then ran from one side of the bus to the other in search of my two kids peering out the windows. Upon finding them the boy crumbled from smiling waves to bending over crying. My heart broke. Thank God the girl was there for him and took good care of him. I almost lost it in the car following the bus but I held it together so I could go and take pictures of them getting off the bus.

Upon exiting the bus I was able to get pictures of a happy little boy and girl. The tears were replaced with a smile that went ear to ear. The girl told me he was just fine. She had taken care of him.

Here I sit on my couch, the bus will be here in one hour. I can't wait to hear the stories of the day. Daddy stayed home with me today so I wouldn't go crazy. He's sitting here watching the clock as well. And we wait....