Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dear God

Dear God, thank you for this beautiful day. Thank you for all my friends and family. Please watch over everyone and be in their hearts.

God, can you help me to remember to drop my bat when I hit the ball? Can you help me to remember to run to all the bases too?



Rest time!

Me: Take a good nap Girl.

Girl: I will Mommy. Do you know why I'm so tired?

Me: Because you played all morning?

Girl: No

Me: Because you've been trying so hard to be good and play nicely with the boys?

Girl: No

Me: Because you woke up early?

Girl: No Mommy, you know, it's because of the tired medicine you gave me!

Me: Oh right Benedryl, gotta love it!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The roof?

Me: Hey guys, can you pick up the back porch please? Ummm, boy are those your socks?

Boy: Yes! How did they get off the roof?

Me: Ummm how did they get ON the roof?

Boy: Come to my room and I'll show you mommy. See I push the screen and put the stuff I don't want out there.

Me: Don't do that!!!!

Boy: But I can't stop!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The timer

Okay so I've decided that already I'm giving my kids a complex. Yes, I love them dearly and yes, I tell them they're wonderful, smart and pretty/handsome but....(there always is one isn't there) I'm going to create children with some sort of eating disorder. No, I really don't want this, who does, but what can I do? They sit at the table and talk/play for at least 30 mins. of each meal. I finally set a timer and they scarf their food down in a matter of minutes. Is it really that hard to eat in a timely fashion? Don't think me the tyrant, when I say I set the timer I don't do if for a few minutes. I usually look at the amount of food on their plates/in their bowls and pick an appropriate amount of time, never less than 10 minutes. Still I feel like I'm creating monsters that only eat when timer is out and by the time they eat it it has to be cold!

Nobody told me motherhood was going to be filled with such big hurdles as eating...ummm eating really? They didn't get this from me I can tell you that!