Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nose hairs

The boy: Mommy, what are you taking off my nose?

Me: It was a hair bub.

The boy: Did you know that hairs can stick to your boggers?

Me: Great well...this wasn't one of your hairs it was a dog hair. Did you know that everyone has hair in their nose?

The boy: Really? Granddad has lots of hairs in his nose!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sometimes bribes don't work

The boy: Mommy I can't find my silly putty can you PLEASE help me look for it?

Me: Do I get a hug and kiss if I help?

The boy: Yes mommy!

*later in the day*

Me: Put your clothes away

The boy: Will you please help me mommy?

Me: No you're a big boy, you can do it.

The boy: I'll give you a hug and kiss if you help me!

Me: Ummm not this time kiddo!

Friday, March 18, 2011

What does a flute and beer bottle have in common?

So the boy has had a memorable year in the eyes of his teachers. The first thing he did was sing a solo for his Christmas show. He did such a great job he had every adult in tears!

The second thing he did, just recently I must add, was see a group of teenagers playing instruments. Not exciting? well the story's not over. The flute player was explaining to 4 preschool classes how to hold the instrument under your mouth and blow, not actually touching the instrument to your lips. The boy raised his hand and in full voice said "like blowing into a beer bottle."

Yes, I am very proud of my boy and so are his teachers!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mommy to Mom

It happens though we don't want it to. I'm talking about our kids and how they grow up. There are many processes that we are familiar with such as birthdays or the beginning of school. The one that no one warned me about is the transition from Mommy to Mom. It sounds like such a simple word, Mom, but man it really cuts right to the heart. The girl has been trying this new name for me on for size. When ever it slips out of her mouth I have to do a double take, who is this girl sitting with me? I say a little prayer, "Dear God please let me stay as Mommy just a bit longer." I'm not ready for the days of Mommy to be over. The days when friends matter just a little bit more than what "Mom" has said. Mommy used to rule the world, could do no wrong. Mom on the other hand is questioned, looked at like she's crazy and sometimes spoken back to!

Yes these slips from Mommy to Mom have me very nervous. I love being Mommy. I love being looked at like I'm her everything. I'm not ready to go from public hugs and kisses to a quick peck before anyone sees. So far she goes back to calling me Mommy so she's not quit ready either but, I guess I should prepare myself. I know the growing up has to happen and I'm pretty sure I'll never be used to it but for now at least I have the boy to continue with the "Mommy" portion of my life!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Are you there tooth fairy?

The girl had such a great birthday party. We had the family over, yummy food, drinks and just a plain good time. The girl ran around, played with friends, opened presents, ate pie and lost a tooth. Yep that's what I said, she lost her front right (her side) tooth. This tooth had been hanging on by a thread for about a week. Once it fell out she was instantly worried about what people would say or laugh at her. Daddy and I swooped in and did the wonderful parent thing. We consoled her, let her know that everyone looses their teeth and she looked adorable! We also told her that the tooth fairy was going to be very excited and leave her something wonderful.

We ushered her off to bed with stories of the tooth fairy and what she was going to get for that wonderful tooth. The girl and boy both slept in the basement with Grandma that night which was another exciting thing. Both children finally fell asleep.

WELL.... a few drinks later and it was morning. I woke up and wondered downstairs to start the coffee. You'll never guess what I found on my counter...an empty zip lock where the girl's tooth once sat. I couldn't move, I raced through my memory. Had we put the tooth under her pillow? Did my husband remember to leave money and take the tooth? I ran upstairs only to confirm my nightmare, he had not left money for the tooth. I then raced downstairs to the basement back into Grandma's room. I slowed, trying to act normal and excited to see what the tooth fairy had left. I found the girl in tears (what a crappy mom!). She was devastated that the tooth fairy had forgotten her. I then had to think of a story off the top of my head (not my forte). Maybe the tooth fairy had gotten confused when the girl wasn't in her own room. Maybe she had left a note. Since the rest of the house was still asleep I crept back upstairs, wrote a note with my left hand, and brought it down to my little teary eyed girl. She read the note and a smile crept across her face with a cute little hole in it. (Did you know the tooth fairy leaves notes?)

That night the tooth fairy made her appearance. The next morning a happy little girl came running down the stairs to show us what was left for her. Her daddy and I still felt awful about the previous morning but he we managed to skate by the mistake this time!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


If you have children then you know about discipline. I'm not going to preach about what you should or should not do because well, I have no idea. Sometimes I feel like I'm sinking when it comes to disciplining my kids. I have such great ideas and they work for....well about 5 minutes. I have tried everything from positive reinforcement, scoldings, time-outs, taking things away, grounding, and the list goes on.

Back to the 5 minute thing. Everything I do with my kids lasts for only 5 minutes and then they are no longer are affected. They sit in time-out, wait patiently then say "Mommy am I done yet?" Really???? They're not even upset! I've scolded them, they cry, stick out that cute bottom lip and promise never to do "it" again, then off to playing again like nothing every happened! I've grounded them in their rooms, they go up crying, it gets quiet and I find them sitting quietly reading or playing. Really???

On to the next attempt, finding their "Achilles heel" or the thing that affects them the most. Sure, I take away a toy they love for a little bit of time, they cry, then it's like that toy was never their favorite, they've got a new favorite...Really????

What's a mom to do? I want to raise kids that are respectful, follow the rules, and all around good kids. If I can't find some way to discipline them when they've gone off the path for a bit how will they learn? "Sigh..."

Monday, March 7, 2011


As a mother I feel like I live in a constant state of dirt. To begin with there is the dust that settles right after I finish vacuuming. Given the right stream of light I get to see every piece of dust and dog hair float around my home at any given moment of the day. I try to be a clean person, I try to keep my home clean for my family but sometimes I sit with an exasperated sigh feeling like I'm fighting a never ending battle. There are always nose prints on my windows, some dog, some kids. There are always little hand prints on the appliances that the children never actually use. I mop the kitchen floor and somehow 10 mins later there are cracker crumbs trailing from the table to the trash can. The bathroom is a whole different story! I clean that and the next thing I know toothpaste has jumped in the sink, on the sink, down the sink and sometimes, if it's truly in a good mood the toothpaste will jump onto the mirror! At one time in life I recall the boy telling the girl that they had to make some mess so mommy would have something to do during the day. Well all I have to say is, I'm good! Please don't make mommy work, I'm tired of cleaning the same things every day just to find new foot prints in the foyer because someone had to go potty so bad they couldn't remove their shoes, never mind wipe their feet! I love my family with all my heart but a whole day with no dirt....a mom could get used to that!