Saturday, January 29, 2011

Don't worry folks, we're leaving

As I mentioned before the kids were great all morning. After the prior incident and my tearful shower, I decided we needed to get out of the house so we ran to Target. I told each child they could get a small toy for their good behavior (we're trying not to reward with food). Well they were even good shopping! So we headed to the famous dollar section of Target to pick out a goodie. The boy found his instantly, silly putty. He held it to his chest and said "mommy, you're the best!" The girl took a while. She finally came to me with 2 items of which she could not decide between. She was so torn that I took them both put them behind my back and had her pick a hand, that didn't work. Finally I put my foot down and said it was time to go, the tears began. She had to pick between a pen with a rose on the end or a squishy pink pig. She chose the pig and tearfully put the pen back. All the way to the register she wailed and flailed, she wanted both! She was afraid someone would take the pen before she could be good and come back again! Then she got angry and screamed and cried harder. All the while I'm calmly checking out and the boy is declaring his love for me as loud as he can. The girl continues to sob the whole walk out of the store as people stare "yes, she's mine and we're leaving." So much for trying to reward good behavior!


The kids were awesome, the girl cleaned 2 bathrooms and the boy was running errands all around the house for me. When they were done the both sat at the table and signed all their valentines for their classmates, sounds good doesn't it? I had to finish vacuuming so when the boy was done writing his name for the 20th time (never once was it written the same way) I told him he could go play.

I went right back to vacuuming

He was so excited he rounded the corner in a sprint right as I pulled back on the vacuum handle. The handle and his face met. It was not pretty, he was hit right under his eye on the bone. The evidence was left right away. I grabbed him up, got some ice and bribed him with his favorite show if he'd stop screaming (it worked). He held the ice to his sore little black and blue eye and watched his show while I went upstairs ran a shower and cried. I felt horrible what mother hits their kids with a vacuum. Okay so I know it was an accident but does it make me feel much better? Only when he's not looking at me with that cute little face and that black eye!


MOTY101 stands for "mother of the year." I plan on writing this blog to share my MOTY moments with friends, family and who ever would like to get a good laugh or just feel good about their parenting moments. This isn't to say I'm an actual mother of the year! Good Lord though I try I'll never come close to the woman I always dreamed of being (before actually having kids). I was never going to let my kids have junk food, use TV as a babysitter or bribe my kids to be good. Then the kids came and lets just say those are only a few of my "nevers" that have been thrown to the wayside. Through this blog I want to keep a record of the cute things my kids say, the stupid things they do and the down right dumb things I do as a mother. I also want other moms out there to know, you are not alone! We all do dumb things and we can all get the "MOTY" award at any moment.